0.5 gram pure saffron


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Our smallest size is 0.5 gram of saffron. It is imported from Iran and is sourced ethically and sustainably. Farmed in a small village in the province of Kerman. This saffron has a distinctive, strong, honey-like aroma and a sweet earthy flavour. It’s perfect for adding to your risotto or fish, amongst many other dishes. For wonderful ideas on how to use saffron, visit recipes page.

What makes Our saffron different from the ones readily available in many Middle Eastern shops or supermarkets is the process from the first day it’s picked. Just like your favourite tea or wine, every country and region has it’s own distinctive flavour and aroma, unlike wine and tea single-origin saffron is hard to come by.

To swiftly describe the journey that a 0.5 grams jar of saffron takes to be in your spice cabinet I have to start on a farm, and to make it easy let’s say it’s located in Iran. After  The saffron is picked most of the saffron is taken to processing plants to be dried and some are air dried on the farm. Dried saffron is then bought by middle men or big spice companies who travel the length of Iran and in some cases one or two other countries such as Afghanistan and India to add to their load. This is then taken to packaging companies all over the world to be packed as Iranian saffron, or in many cases we have Spanish saffron that contains Iranian saffron.

At Zoetic limited we are directly involved with a small group of farmers. The saffron we provide only comes from one region, it is farmed, picked and air dried in a single farm. This guarantees a flavour and aroma unique to the region.

  • This product is packed on premises that handles nuts, seeds and cereals.