Saffron Spice


There is no doubt that saffron is an expensive spice. And more than 90% of this spice is cultivated in Iran. However, it’s a well-known fact  Iranian saffron spice is the best!

The Crocus Sativus flower has 3 threads. When buying saffron you look for 3 grades…

  • Sargol (tip of the thread)
  • Negin (all of the red thread and minimum yellow) and
  • Pushal (all of the thread).

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Saffron Grades

The three main grades of saffron are – A sargol. B negin. C poshal. We provide all three grades for wholesale and negin grade for our retail brand  Zeravand.

Saffron Quality check

Because of its nature it is very easy to adulterate saffron. One of the methods used by some is to lace corn silk with food dye and saffron scent. There are a few ways to check if your saffron is genuine or adulterated. The easiest and most common method is the water test. If you drop saffron threads in cold water and it immediately begins to bleed a dark colour then it’s artificial dye. Saffron threads may have a beautiful dark red colour but they will emit a golden yellow colour.