Our Eco-Friendly Saffron

Sustainable farming has been one of our biggest challenges. As the world’s population grows so do the needs for mass production and in turn stress on our natural resources, in case of farming its water. We are very passionate about sustainable and Eco-friendly farming and strongly believe in providing for today while managing our land so we don’t compromise for the future generations.  

To be able to work shoulder to shoulder, but more importantly being from the same small region  as our saffron suppliers has made eco-friendly saffron farming and fair trade much easier. Our saffron is sourced from a collective of small family farmers from a single region in province of Kerman Iran. 

We saw this opportunity to work together with the farmers and set up a system that would benefit us and the future generations. Because we know the farmers we feel confident in the quality of the saffron, therefore we pay more for it. The farmers will be able to invest more on a sustainable irrigation system which will yield more crop and allow them to save water. 

A very positive impact of us paying more to the farmers is in land conservation. Talking to farmers we realised they had no need to change wild land into farm field. 

There is still much to be done, this is just the start and with the right support and hard work we believe the impacts will be very positive.  

eco-friendly saffron farming

Decreasing Our Carbon Footprint

As farmers we have been reaping the land for many generations therefore it is our duty to keep mother earth happy to bless the future generations long after we have gone.

The direct footprint is much easier to manage but the challenge is our indirect  footprint. Three areas we are working hard to improve on are transportation, waste production and emission production. A good portion of Iranian saffron is exported to Spain, repacked an transported all over Europe. We believe by importing directly rather than shipping to Spain therefore getting rid of the middle process it will cut transportation emission.

Our emission production we believe is minimal. To dehydrate saffron some producers use electric or vacuum oven, microwave drying and in rare cases charcoal fire. Because we are collective of small farmers in a region which enjoys dry weather and sun all year round our saffron is air dried.

Waste production is probably the most important of the three, and by deciding to use less plastic and more biodegradable materials in our production and packaging the improvement has been notable.

Frequently asked questions

Because of it being insanely labour intensive this spice will not be cheap. Good quality unadulterated saffron usually cost from £6.00 per gram. 

To get the best out of this spice we recommend two methods:-

  1. Grind saffron and add desired amount to 30-50 ml hot water and allow to brew for 10-15 minutes, then add to dish when it’s nearing cooking time. Remember good saffron never diffuses strong colour straight away.
  2. Grind saffron and sprinkle over one or two ice cubes then allow to melt slowly at room temperature. This method gives a more robust flavour and smell, you will also achieve a more intense colour. 

More useful information and tasty recipes.

There is evidence that taking large quantities of saffron causes uterine contraction that may lead to miscarriage therefore it must be taken in moderation. It’s unheard of for people to use too much saffron, a little goes a long way, a pinch or two of saffron is enough for you to enjoy the benefits. For further information on benefits and side effects of saffron during pregnancy continue reading at parenting.firstcry.com .  

Saffron can stay safe for up to 4 years but it will loose its potency over time. If stored properly in a cool dark cupboard away from direct sunlight and heat then it will stay at best quality for 2 years. 

You can only use the domesticated descendant of crocus, crocus sativus a k a saffron crocus. It has purple petals, yellow stamens and 3 red stigmas.   

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