About Us

We would like to begin by answering the question “What is saffron ? And then tell you a little more about Zoetic Ltd.

This delicious aromatic spice comes from the “saffron crocus“.  Farmers painstakingly pick the bright red/purple threads and leave them to dry. It is mainly used for flavouring and colouring in recipes, whilst there are many other uses. Saffron has the distinction of being the planet’s most expensive spice

We will also give you a brief history of the spice, explain how it’s grown and share some of our favourite recipes.

In addition to saffron, our family also imports top quality cinnamon from Sri Lanka and nuts from Iran.

My wife and I have always considered ourselves very lucky to have both grown up in Iranian farming families. Nothing can compare with the freedom and imagination of a child living on a farm.

Of course, we will never forget the very hard work that keeps a farm running. One topic that always got a mention when a group of farmers met was how they were paid less than what they deserved for their product. So, the idea of somehow setting up a better system that would be more favourable to them always lingered at the back of our minds.

Various friends in the UK frequently asked us where they could buy top quality Iranian produce in London. So, whenever we got the opportunity to go home, we always brought some saffron spice and/or pistachio nuts back for them.

During a recent visit back to Iran, a group of small farmers asked if we would be able to sell their produce in the UK. Consequently, it did not take long for us to accept the challenge and here we are!

Keep it in the family.

We supply only the very best produce. Our saffron (or Persian red gold, as it’s sometimes known) is grown on the foothills of Zarand in Kerman province. The only farmers we work with are our own family and friends from the same small areas.

Above all, we believe in giving more back to our farmers to encourage sustainable farming and environmentally friendly cultivation. We asked them if we could handle all the packaging arrangements and they readily agreed.

Saffron has an extremely subtle and fragrant slightly sweet, luxurious taste

The Environment

We take environmental issues very seriously. Therefore, are constantly striving to find new ways of decreasing our carbon footprint. From the word go, we decided to use more biodegradable materials and no plastic, where possible.


One example is that we make our boxes from plain eco-friendly cardboard. They do not have the usual thin plastic coating or prints.

We realised that once a customer takes the glass jar containing the saffron out of the cardboard box, they will simply throw it away. If it cannot be recycled, then at least we wanted it to be completely biodegradable in a landfill site.

Our Goals

Finally, we plan to work tirelessly towards fulfilling our dreams and objectives about Zoetic Ltd. Our main goals are to keep both our customers and our hard-working farmers 100% satisfied and do whatever we can to make the world a more eco-friendly place.