20 Top Saffron Health Benefits To Improve Your Mood, Health And Sense of Well-Being in 2020

  1.  Anxiety
  2.  Depression
  3.  Improved Libido
  4.  Upset Stomachs
  5.  Improved Mental Function
  6.  Mood Disorders
  7.  Antioxidant
  8.  PMS
  9.  Menstrual Cramps
  10.  Asthma
  11.  Alzheimer’s 
  12. Heartburn
  13. Heart Disease
  14. Treatment of Cancer
  15. Immune response
  16. Physical performance
  17. Wound healing
  18. Bone health
  19. Liver health
  20. Diabetes

Many are unaware that saffron has many proven medicinal benefits yet people have been using it as a natural remedy for centuries. The “Canon of Medicine” is an encyclopedia in five books compiled by Persian Muslim physician-philosopher Avicenna. It was completed in 1025 and presents an overview of the contemporary medical knowledge.

Avicenna recommended taking saffron for physical conditions such as upset stomachs. Surprisingly, he also suggested its use for “improved mental function” and “mood disorders“.

Today, with the advantages of modern scientific research, we are starting to realise the true potentials of this amazing natural product… Saffron contains high levels of antioxidants such as safranal, crocetin and crocin.  As Avicenna had suggested, these could indeed help with anxiety and depression as well as promoting libido. The explanation lies in research published in the 2013 Journal of Behavioural Brain Science. This firmly established that saffron extract increased dopamine levels in the brain without changing the levels of other brain hormones such as serotonin. They also considered its potential for treating asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, heartburn and heart disease.

Saffron Tea

Two areas where saffron spice has shown great results are PMS and menstrual cramps. For generations, Iranian women have brewed it with their tea to ease the effects.

Other recent studies have been done regarding the benefits of using saffron supplements for the treatment of heart disease. These have illustrated the positive effect it has on promoting a healthy cardiovascular system.


How to Use Saffron For Medicinal Purposes

To use as natural remedy we always believe in the process used for aeons and recommended in The Canon of Medicine. Just add about 1 or 2 pinches (10 to 20 medium strands) of crushed saffron to your tea or hot water then allow to brew for couple of minuets. For women who are suffering from PMS or menstrual cramps consume when discomfort begins once per day for 3 to 4 days. As an aphrodisiac again you can add a couple of pinches to your tea or warm milk before bed time. 

Consuming this wonderful spice carries little risk. A great way of reaping saffron health benefits and adding it to your diet without any risks at all is cooking with it. On the other hand if you want to use it solely as a natural medicine, we recommend getting advice from a clinical nutritionist. Having 1g of saffron per day is safe but high dosage can be toxic, a research considers 5g to be toxic, especially for pregnant women. There is also a slight chance of being allergic to saffron especially if you have allergies to plants like rye-grass and olives
Saffron tea